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Dynatec for Candidates

Not just any future, but the one you choose.

Your professional life gets diluted in daily responsibilities, but …
Are you on track?
We help you trace your career path until you reach your objectives, which no other professional network does.
Join our community, you will find: employment opportunities tailored to you, specialized training and the guidance of a professional at key times.

We advise you in order to enable you to find a job in the field of engineering

In a moment where we can configure just about anything, why not configuring your professional career as an engineer?

Draw your professional map

If you define what you want it will be easier to achieve. Therefore, our approach is based on mapping your professional life starting from your current status. This will be the most important basis for you to make sound decisions.

Opportunities adapted to you and not the other way around.

From the first day, you will enter a selection processes adapted to your profile, because our intelligence chooses for you the highest matching options on your behalf. In this way, your focus is on real opportunities.

You will keep trained and up to date

We will recommend courses to reach your goals faster. In addition, you will explore new approaches to your professional role through the experiences of other.

How does our engineer employment pool work?


Define your goals

Evaluate your preparation, your skills and specify your professional expectations with our analysis tool.

Receive relevant offers

You connect with opportunities compatible with what you want. And you automatically participate in the selection processes to work as an engineer in one of our partner companies.

You form according to your goals

We recommend courses that improve your technical knowledge and your skills. In addition you will learn the new tools that the sector requires.

Guide when you need it

Get to know first-hand the experiences of other professionals within your field, explore new approaches to your professional role.
trabajo ingeniero
Dynatec Mentoring Program

Train other in what you know

Share your knowledge with our community of specialized professionals and generate income. We will help you structure and create the courses which you will teach in our network.


Experts spreading knowledge


Research areas


Published articles

Frequently asked questions about our engineer employment network

How can I be part of our engineer employment pool?

Simply register on our platform by clicking this button to start using the functionalities most interesting to you and be able to participate in our selection processes.

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Does cost anything?

From the moment you register on our platform you can enjoy various features at no cost. Among other, you gain access to interesting information, free training courses for you, etc. In addition you enter directly into an engineering work pool in which you are offered opportunities to work at important engineering companies, without you having to actively search for the positions. For an additional cost, you may gain access to more advanced features, such as, complex training courses, coaching and mentoring programs and you can decide if they are interesting to improve your professional profile and access jobs of greater importance to you.

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What should I expect from my relationship with Dynatec?

By registering on Dynatec’s consulting and service platform you will come aboard a community of professionals in the engineering sector. This community will provide you with passive and active services. As a passive service at Dynatec we will cross your curricular data with the most interesting engineering employment opportunities that best match your profile. In which case, we will contact you to give you additional information and learn of your availability and interest in participating in these opportunities. You will never participate in a selection process without your prior authorization. As active services you can enjoy features such as the self-diagnosis of your professional profile, training courses, news, etc.

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What professional profile should I have?

A large number of professionals participate in the engineering world, with very different profiles. However, in one or another measure, all of them are important for the correct development and execution of the projects. For this reason the services offered by Dynatec are focused on a wide spectrum i.e. engineers, designers, draftsmen, document developers, etc. of all ranks and all engineering disciplines, whether it be of a technical nature, or of a management and supervisory nature.

The main work areas of our engineering company are Energy, Petrochemical, Industry, Chemical and Infrastructure, however, we also work in the areas of IT, Aeronautics, Railway, Automotive, etc.

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How can I access training or mentoring?

We will soon have our training section available, where you will find free courses and paid courses so that you choose the ones that interest you most and those which can help you in developing your professional career. You can seek help in the results of the self-diagnoses or consult with an expert should any doubt arise. At your own discretion you may enroll in a coaching or a mentoring program. At the same time, if you believe that you can contribute your knowledge in a specific subject you can register here as a mentor in our mentoring program, where you can train colleagues by profession.

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Take control of your professional life and reach your professional goals by working as an engineer.

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